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Tuesday, June 9, 2020


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Thursday, May 21, 2020

Dangerous Kids - Part I

Here's the first part of a new story entitled "Dangerous Kids". 

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“The Eldorado” was a very exclusive club. It was located on a private island, with breathtaking ocean views, amazing white sand beaches and four big swimming pools. Its owner was Mr Alejandro Guarillo, a multi-millionaire Mexican businessman who also owned a fast-food chain in California. The Eldorado was frequented by very rich and important people. Among its guests there were businessmen, managers, TV stars, politicians, but also some wealthy criminals, like drug dealers and mafia bosses.

Jason was a 19 yo boy who worked at The Eldorado. He had different duties, but basically he was a lifeguard. He was a very fit young man, a promising swimmer. His pecs were firm and well defined, his abs looked like they were cut from clay, his shoulders were broad, his arms and legs toned and muscled. His features were handsome and masculine, and the young athlete seemed very well endowed in the male department too. In few words, he was a gorgeous specimen of young man. It was easy to understand why all the girls (and some older women too, not to mention the gay members of the Club) practically drooled every time they saw him in his lifeguard Speedos.

A good pay, sun, beaches and pools, hot girls eating him with their eyes... it could’ve been the perfect job for a guy like Jason. Yeah, it could’ve been great if it wasn’t for the bunch of rich, annoying and spoiled kids fronted by Robeiro Guarillo, the 15 years old son of Mr Alejandro Guarillo, the owner of the club. Those little bastards hated him, plain and simple. They treated him like shit, they called him names and distracted him from his work with stupid and nasty pranks. He knew the reason why they had targeted him. They were envious. Those fucking brats were working out with weights, trying to build a manly body, but they were all fourteens and fifteens, too young to develop muscles like the ones they saw on Jason. Besides, they hated that he was a girl-magnet and were terribly pissed when they heard some girls giggle and talk about “how big Jason looked even down there”.

Thursday, April 23, 2020

New videos!

Five new videos added to my collection, which now comprehends a total of 74 vids on M/M castration and ball torture taken from movie or TV series! 
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Tuesday, April 21, 2020

A Brother in Need - part I

Hey guys, 

that's the first part of a new story entitled "A Brother in Need". If you want to read the whole story, please follow these quick steps

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Lee was lying on his bed with his arms immobilized in the casts. Six days had passed since the bad bicycle accident from which he had come out with both arms fractured. The pain was finally gone, but on the other hand he was experiencing another problem that was becoming more and more difficult to deal with with every passing day.

Being a fourteen years old boy in full hormonal storm, he was feeling more and more frustrated by the many days spent without being able to masturbate. His mind was continually crossed by lustful thoughts, and he often found himself with his young penis erect and a great, unfulfilled desire to vent his pent up sexual tension.

In this complicated situation, poor Lee certainly didn't get much help from Grant, his seventeen-year-old brother. Not at all pitied by Lee's situation, Grant found it very amusing to see his little brother tormented by sexual frustration.

"Hey, Lee, how are things down there?" he asked from time to time with a mocking smile. Then he used to look between Lee's legs with a smirk, and this was usually enough to trigger an erection for the poor teenager. Yeah, poor Lee was so full of desire that it was enough for Grant to draw his attention to his genitals to excite him uncontrollably. And this was not the only "torture" to which Grant subjected his brother... 

Thursday, April 16, 2020

Ballgrabs are the best - part II

There's nothing as much fun as watching a guy being grabbed by the balls. The look of desperation on his face, the impotence, the pleading and the screams... Take this kid for instance:

He's totally powerless as his friend squeezes his balls. All he can do is scream and hope his friend will have mercy on him. The guy in the following video is more combative, and yet he can do nothing but suffer in his friend's grip. 

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

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Monday, March 23, 2020

Ball grabs are the best

There are many way to bust a guy's nuts. Kicks and punches can be devastating and are usually great options in a fight. Grabs and squeezes, though, are my favourite form of ballbusting because when you get a guy by his love spuds he's in your hand, literally and figuratively. You can control him and force him to do pretty much everything. That's a great boost of power and dominance. That's why real life videos showing ball grabs are my favourite. 
Here's some funny stuff I found on the web. The password to see this vids is: inhishands 
Let's start then!

In this first video, a boy has his berries grabbed by a big black guy. I love it when a big guy who could easily overpower his opponent use dirty moves nontheless. Another think I love in this video is the clear sound at second 8, when the big guy's hand impacts on his weaker opponent's family jewels. Ouch! That must have hurt!

Friday, March 20, 2020

Busted By Rich Bullies - Part I

This is the first part of a new story entitled "Busted By Rich Bullies". It's a custom story and the Patron who commissioned it wanted to see some arrogant, rich bullies having fun at the expense of a poor waiter. You can read this or other stories in their entirety by signing up to my Patreon page

The Golden Stars Club was a truly prestigious club. All the people who attended it were very high class and chic type. Its tennis courts, gyms and swimming pools were reserved for the sons of important politicians, wealthy industrialists and show business personalities. In a nutshell, the crème de la crème of society. The club members were mostly young people well aware of their status, which is why they were usually arrogant and snooty assholes. If you weren't rich, you couldn't be part of the Golden Stars Club, plain and simple. Well, actually you could, but not as a member. This was the case with Timothy Miller, Tim for his friends, who had been hired at the Club as a waiter for the summer season. The job was well paid, and since Tim came from a poor family it had been a real stroke of luck to be hired at the Club. 

Unfortunately, however, with each passing day it became more and more difficult for him to bear the insults and teasing of the arrogant young members of the Golden Stars Club. Those contemptuous bastards considered themselves demigods and treated Tim like he was their personal slave. Three guys in particular were the most scornful and offensive: Jared Harriman, 17, the son of a well-known politician; Kirk Lamont, 18, the son of a wealthy oil tycoon, and William Dusbin, 18, the son of a famous film producer. They were very popular guys with lots of money and power, and they were also very good looking, the typical girls magnets, which made them even more full of themselves.

Monday, February 24, 2020

Little brothers get their revenge - first part

This is the first part of a custom story entitled "Little brothers get their revenge". If you want to read this or other stories I wrote, click HERE.

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Thomas couldn't believe he was in such a strange and dangerous situation. How could this have happened? He had been trapped by deception by Mason and Mirko, his two younger brothers. Those little devils had concocted a very smart plan to have him at their mercy...

Thomas was a handsome, athletic sixteen years old boy, while Mirko was almost fifteen and Mason almost fourteen. Not a huge difference in age, therefore, but when you're so young, one or two years is a big time frame. In fact, Thomas was quite taller and more muscular than his two younger brothers. In the last year he had grown a lot and the hard work done in the gym had paid off. His father was a fitness fanatic and wanted his children to train constantly. For this purpose he had built a gym in the basement of his house, so that he and the boys could train whenever they wanted. Thomas passed a lot of time in the gym, and his father always talked about him like a model for his other two sons. “Stop playing video games and hit the gym, boys!” he used to say to Mirko and Mason. “You need to work hard like your big brother, if you want to build a strong fit body. I want to raise real men, not a bunch of pipsqueak!”.

Thomas was very proud to be his father’s favourite and sometimes he bragged about it. Besides, like all the big brothers, sometimes he had fun showing Mirko and Mason that he was stronger than them. He provoked little fights with his siblings for the sole purpose of demonstrating his superiority. He never really hurt them, his aim was always the same: immobilize them in a leg scissor or a schoolboy pin and tease them. “You can’t get out of it, little bro, I’ve got you!” he used to say to Mirko and Mason when he had one of them in his hold. It was just a joke to him. Part of him also thought that it was his duty to train Mason and Mirko to fight, so they would be able to defend themselves from bullies. He couldn’t imagine that one day his two brothers would’ve turn into bullies themselves. And that he would’ve been their victim...

Saturday, February 22, 2020

New videos!

Five new videos added to my collection, which now comprehends a total of 65 vids on M/M castration and ball torture taken from movie or TV series!

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