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Sunday, February 24, 2019

A little break

Hey guys,
I'm going to take a break from the blog for a couple of weeks. 

If you want to request one or more stories and get them at the beginning of March, you still have a couple of days to sign up to my Patreon page, so... hurry up! :-)

Thanks to all of you,

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

A Vacation To Remember - part I

Hey guys,
this is the first part of a new story entitled "A Vacation To Remember". A few days ago I asked your opinion about gay characters in my stories receiving conflicting answers. Some of you liked the idea, while others disagreed. Well, with this story I hope to satisfy both groups. :-)
Let me know in the comments!

Damian felt a little frustrated as he returned with his friends from the pub to the house they had rented for their vacation at the sea. They had had a funny night, celebrating their last day of freedom. The vacation was almost over and the day after they would’ve left to go back to everyday life. 

Damian’s frustration did not depend only on that, though. He was disappointed that during the two weeks spent far from home with his three best friends, nothing particularly exciting had happened. There had been some friendly brawls from time to time, and of course his balls and the balls of his friends had suffered some blows in the action. Funny as hell, but he had hoped for something crazier. Something like the video he had seen on the internet, where a bunch of drunk friends assaulted, undressed and “molested” each other, touching each other’s private parts. The usual “straight guys acting gay for a laugh” stuff. Yes, Damian had hoped for something like that, but sadly his wish had remained unfulfilled. 
After long years of inner torment, at 21 Damian had learned to accept his homosexual side. It hadn’t been easy in the beginning. All in all he liked girls too, he had sex with them and enjoyed their company, but growing up he had realized that he was attracted to some guys too. And by Kevin, one of his best friends, in particular. Obviously he had never found the courage to express his feelings, afraid to ruin his friendship with Kevin and his two other best friends, Donnie and Michael. From that vacation at the sea, though, he had hoped to bring home some exciting memories, but nothing special had happened. 

That, however, was the last night of their vacation and Damian was ready to play it for all it was worth. Donnie, Michael and Kevin had drunk a lot at the pub. Damian, on the other hand, was sober because he was in charge of driving. This was something he could exploit for his plan: he was lucid, while his friends were definitely confused, which would have made it easier to manipulate them...

Once inside the house, the four friends took their shoes and their shirts off. It was a warm summer night and they were sweating profusely. That’s when Damian decided it was time to take action. He found a stupid excuse and provoked a joking fight with Kevin. When his friend hit him with a fist in the lower abdomen, Damian immediately seized the opportunity.

Monday, February 18, 2019

How to read my stories

Hi guys,
this post is for those of you who want to read my stories on Patreon but don't know how to procede. It's simple.

1) Go to my Patreon page (HERE) and click on the button "BECOME A PATRON".

2) Select "Make a custom pledge".

3) Sign up. 

4) Make a pledge based on how many stories you want to read: 1 story: 1 dollar; 2 stories: 2 dollars; 3 stories: 3 dollars an so on.  

5) Let me know which story/stories you want to read and wait until the beginning of March, when Patron will process your pledge. You'll receive the stories requested in pdf or word format on your email. 
Here's a list of the stories available right now.

Doubts or questions? Don't hesitate to contact me at:

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Great GIFs #4

"I've got you, dude! It's over. Stop fighting and tap out, or I swear your girlfriend won't get laid for a long time. Not by you, at least... hehe!"

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Gay characters?

Hey guys,

I received a comment saying: “I like your stories, but it would be cool to let the gay males in on the action every once in a while...”

Well, that’s a strange coincidence, because I was actually thinking about this option!

When I decided to write M/M ballbusting and domination stories, I chose to focus the action on straight characters because there are really few stories with straight guys involved in this kind of scenario.

On the other hand, the idea of using gay characters from time to time is intriguing in many ways...

Friday, February 15, 2019

Some encouraging feedbacks

Hi guys,

as usual, I will send my stories to my patrons via email at the beginning of next month, which means in a couple of weeks. 

If you want to become my patron, there’s nothing easier! Take a look at this post.

For any question, you can write me at:

A big, big thank to all my supporters! Here, some of their encouraging feedbacks. 

“Str8 males dominating str8 males..... dude, that’s exactly what I’m into and it’s so rare, almost unique to find such kind of stories... I love them!!! Keep up the good work!”

“Beach Fight is probably my favourite story ever. Everything is perfect, the characters, the action, the way you describe Jonas’ impotence as his manhood is slowly destroyed by Rodrigo. Fucking hot!”
“The bossy stepbrother is AMAZING. The foot domination at the end of the story is the ice on the cake.”

“I jerked off at least four times on Cover Blown! It’s so thrilling and what a surprise ending! :-D” 

"Cover Blown is one of the hottest stories I've ever read. The setup and premise and descriptions, it had me rock hard." 

“Sorry but I do not speak English. I read your stories with the google translator and I write to you using the google translator. I wanted to tell you that your stories are wonderful. So exciting and at the same time so realistic, without those exaggerations that I find in other stories. The way you describe the feeling of power of a character while holding another character's balls in his hands is incredibly exciting.” 

What can I say? Thank you, guys!  😃

If you want to read a list of my stories, click on the image below:

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Humiliated By Dag - part I

Noel was laying in his bed, his neck bent a little so he could see the screen of the laptop resting on his chest. The 17-year-old boy was rubbing his bulge through his blue sweatpants as he watched a hot Asian girl playing with herself on Pornhub. 

Suddenly, somebody called him loudly and knocked hard at the door of his bedroom.

“Open the fucking door, asshole!”

Fuck, not him! Not now... -  he thought as he heard his stepbrother’s voice.

“I said: open the fucking door!” repeated the deep masculine voice.

Noel closed his laptop and got off the bed. He adjusted his t-shirt to hide his groin. He surely didn’t want to be seen with a boner in his pants by that asshole.

Monday, February 11, 2019

A new question for you

Hi guys,
I've got a new question for you. Besides ballbusting, what kind of domination/humiliation do you prefer in a story?

Let me know in the comments. Thanks! :-)

Friday, February 8, 2019

A question for you

Hi guys,
if you're one of my Patrons, or are considering to become one, I've got a question for you. The domination of a male over another male is the leitmotiv in my stories. The question is: what kind of relationship do you prefer between dominator and dominated? 

1) friends, schoolmates, coworkers
2) brothers, stepbrothers, cousins
3) father and son
4) love rivals
5) teammates or opponents in sports
6) other (enemy soldiers, criminals and cops, etc)

Let me know in the comments! 


Thursday, February 7, 2019

Stealing the jewels #2

It's time for some new videos where boys and men say goodbye to their most precious possessions. All these scenes are taken from movie and TV shows. 

The password to see these videos is: cutthemoff

Let's start with this one. Two boys are tied up, naked, while a man threats them: "I'm going to take something from you". Guess what that "something" is? The man is really pissed with the boys. He takes his time describing the procedure he's going to use to de-ball them and they surely don't like what he's saying... Can you blame them?