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Friday, June 28, 2019

Anecdotes and true stories #4

Forced arousal (and orgasm) is almost a standard topic in my stories, that's probably why one of you asked me if I had some personal experience to relate about it. The answer is no and... yes. I mean, I read a lot about this subject and I know for sure that it happens in real life, and it's not so uncommon as you may think. Not at all. Of course, that's not the kind of stuff you openly confess to other people. That's quite embarrassing, humiliating even, and guys who lived this experience don't talk about it, especially when the forced arousal is brought to the extreme consequences and results in an unwanted orgasm. Anyway, I never witnessed this kind of hazing. Well, except, maybe, one time...

Thursday, June 27, 2019

July is getting closer!

Hi guys,
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Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Double Humiliation - part I

Note: before reading this story, you may want to read the first part of "The Bossy Stepbrother" and "Humiliated by Dag" to learn a little more about Greg, Dag and Scott. 

Scott was lying on the weight bench, his wrists and ankles were securely tied up.  Each one of his legs was on one side of the bench and that prevented him to close his thighs. He was enraged, but also terribly afraid of the pain he was going to suffer. 

Above him, his big stepbrother Greg was grinning from ear to ear. Son of a bitch! He had not even done the job alone! No, he had Scott tied up that way with the enthusiastic help of his friend Dag. Bastards! They were older and stronger than Scott, but this had not stopped them from teaming up against the poor teen boy. 

Greg had provoked him purposefully, telling Dag about the last time he had humiliated Scott. Dag had laughed loudly, asking Scott the most embarrassing questions. “Hey, Scotty, how was the smell of Greg’s foot on your face? Haha! It must have been awful and fucking humiliating to be forced to smell it”. Or: “Hey, did it hurt a lot when he squeezed your balls? I mean, I use to do the ‘squirrel grip’ on my stepbrother too, and I always manage to make him cry. Haha!”.

“Oh, he cried too, believe me!” Greg had assured him.

New Story!!!

Hey guys,
so you finally made me do it! :-) 
Your comments have been so encouraging that I decided to write a new story! If you liked "The Bossy Stepbrother" and "Humiliated By Dag", you can't miss this one. Why? Well, it tourned out that Greg and Dag are good friends and share the same favourite hobby: bullying their younger stepbrothers. In "Double Humiliation" they team up against Scott, Greg's stepbrother, and the the poor teen suffers at their cruel hands...

As usual, I will post the first part of the story here. My Patrons will get the whole story in pdf format at the start of July. 

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Thursday, June 20, 2019

Thanks for your comments!

Hi guys,
I decided to post some comments received during the last three weeks, after I sent my stories to my Patrons. What can I say? Thank you! It's so satisfiying to realize that you enjoyed my stories so much! 😃
Also, it seems I kept somebody's hand quite busy with my stories. I'm talking to the guy who felt "raped". I'm sorry... well, actually, no, I'm not sorry at all!😁 I hope to "force you" again with the stories you'll receive at the start of July. 😁😈😁

"Thanks for the content you've given. I hope after some time, maybe you'll come back to writing some more and sharing it. Even if not, it was good to have been around when you put this out."

"Loved them all, but especially “Hotel Ambush” - that was perfect! Set up nicely for a sequel in future, when you get time to write again (which I hope you do!)"

Saturday, June 8, 2019

Stories still available

Hi everyone!
This is a short post just let you know that my stories are still available and that the special offer is still on. 

A big, big thanks (and a friendly slap to the nuts! :-)) to all the guys who sent me their support encouraging me to keep writing. I won't promise anything, but I might consider your suggestion... ;-)

Thank you.

Saturday, June 1, 2019

Video links (for my Patrons)

Hi guys,
here's the list of links to see my "Stealing the jewels" video collection. I used the letter "W" (for "warning") to indicate the videos with graphic elements: if you're a little squeamish, don't watch them. :-) 
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Monday, May 27, 2019

Last vids added!

Last videos added to my Vimeo channel! 

With its 40 videos, "Stealing the Jewels" has become a quite huge collection of M/M castration scenes from movie and tv series!   

A farewell gift for my patrons! By the way, time is almost over. You have one more day to sign up to my Patreon Page, and get the SPECIAL OFFER

Thanks to everyone. :-)


Tuesday, May 21, 2019

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