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Saturday, November 10, 2018

Real life videos #9: squeezed on the field

Forget about sportsmanship and stuff like that. The most fierce and ambitious players would do anything to win a match. Including sending their opponents to play in the female league. Here's a collection of short videos showing some guys who really know how to get a CRUSHING victory.

Enjoy it! :-)))

Friday, November 9, 2018

GIF of the week #1

Your teammate is fitter and cuter than you? No problem! Just embarrass him in front of the crowd with a sudden slap to his manly jewels! Then everybody will know who's the Alpha in the team.

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Initiation Rite - part I


Cody Brown was sweaty and tired. Football practice had been hard that day and every muscle in body ached, but he was deeply satisfied. 

Cody was a newcomer in the team and Mr. Wilkson, the coach, had complimented the young player more than once on his skills and his athletic form. 

"You're going to be a great quarterback, Cody. In a few months you could become our starting." he had told him before sending the boys in the locker room after two hours of hard training. 

Yes! I made a damn good impression on the coach! - the seventeen years old boy thought to himself. On his way to the locker room, Cody was on cloud nine. 

"If I was you, I wouldn't be so happy." The voice who brought Cody on earth belonged to Daniel, the only boy in the team who was not a total stranger to Cody. 

Monday, November 5, 2018

New story: anticipations and inspirations

Hey guys,
in a couple of days I’m going to publish a brand new story, entitled “Initiation Rite”, on my Patreon Page. I had two sources of inspiration for this story. One is a funny scene from the 1982 movie “Youngblood”, where a young hockey player is forcibly shaved by his teammates. And I’m not talking about his face. :-)

The other is an article I read a couple of years ago. It talks about a strange hazing ritual which apparently is not so uncommon in some football teams. (You can read it here). 
So now you can easily figure out what’s going to happen in my next story... ;-)


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Saturday, November 3, 2018

Real life videos #8 : the whistle game (part III)

As we all know, boys will be boys. But what about men? Here's a list of video showing that the "whistle game" is widly practiced even by grown up guys.

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Anecdotes and true stories #1

The following short story is one hundred per cent true. Well, let's say 99%, since I changed the characters' names. I hope you'll like it. 

The locker room after P.E. was just as usual: a chaotic bunch of seventeen and eighteen years old boys stripping, showering and walking with a towel around their hips. Screams and laughters resounded in the big room, especially when a boy was hit by a schoolmate with a towel slap in his naked buttock. 

Even the ongoing fight between Lukas and Ryan was not uncommon. Like most of teens, they were just having fun hoarsing around, not really trying to hurt each other. Besides, Lukas and Ryan were good friends.

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Domination in movies #8

We all know it: balls are damn sensitive. Moreover, they are one of the most precious possession of a man, and every threat to them is simply terrifyng. That's why this delicate organs have always received "special treatment" in tortures and interrogations, as we can see in the following videos taken from different movies.

Monday, October 29, 2018

In the woods - first part

This is the first part of the story entitled "In the woods" published on my Patreon page.


Colin and Jamie
Colin Brighton stopped and took his heavy backpack off. It had been a long walk in the woods and he was a bit tired, but he felt elated and carefree. He worked in the city as a financial advisor, he earned well, but he missed the contact with nature. He had been looking forward to camping with his son for a long time, and now he was enjoying the sight of trees and bushes and the smell of humus and deadfall.

“Here, Jamie. We can build the tent here. This place is perfect.”

“Thanks God!” replied Jamie throwing his own backpack to the ground. “My feet are killing me!”.
Colin smiled at his son. It had been months since they had spent some quality time together. Colin was very busy with his work, while Jamie was doing great in college and was the star of his lacrosse team. They had not many occasions to enjoy each other’s company. 

Colin was very proud of his only son. Sometimes they were mistaken for brothers, because Colin worked hard to stay fit and good looking. He had knocked up Jamie’s mother when he was 18, but they didn’t get married because they were too young. Now, at 39, he was still a bachelor playboy who often dated woman ten or even twenty years younger than him. 

Jamie had inherited his handsome features from his father, and he too was a girl magnet. Unlike his father, though, he had a stable relationship with his girlfriend and planned to marry her right after college.  

Two hours later the tent had been set up and Colin was cooking something on a camping stove. 

“Hey dad, I’m going for a walk nearby. I want to take some pictures” said Jamie, showing a digital camera to his father. Photography had always been one of his greatest passions.

“Okay Jamie, but don’t get too far. The stew will be ready in half an hour. And be careful: woods can be dangerous.”

About my Patreon page

Hey guys,
I received many e-mails with different questions about my Patreon page. First of all, thanks to all the ones who have shown their interest in this project.
I decided to write another post to answer your questons, clarify how Patreon works and explain what I’m trying to do. So let’s start.

Sunday, October 28, 2018

My Patreon page

Hey guys, big news!
I just created a page on Patreon for those of you who want to support me and encourage me to write more stories. I will keep posting stories and other stuff on this blog, but if you crave for more m/m ballbusting and domination tales, take a look at my Patreon page in the next weeks.  A brand new story entitled “In the woods” is already available (find more about it here). It’s not for the faint-hearted, though, because some nuts will be brutally... well, I don’t want to spoiler it! :-D
If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contat me (!
Needless to say, your support will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!