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Sunday, January 20, 2019

The Bossy Stepbrother - part I

Fuck you, Greg. That’s disgusting... – Scott said to himself as he picked up two sweaty socks and a pair of boxer-briefs from the bathroom floor. 

He was really pissed off. His big stepbrother, Greg, had come back from college for the summer holidays a couple of days before. Just two days under the same roof with that obnoxious bastard, and Scott was already going insane.

At nineteen, Greg was almost two years older than Scott. They had never got along very well. In fact, as far as Scott remembered, they had hated each other from the first time they met. Scott’s father and Greg’s mother were both divorced and started their relationship when Greg was 15 and Scott 13. 

Greg didn’t like Scott’s father and he used to vent his anger on Scott. He always enjoyed bullying his younger stepbrother in a lot of nasty ways. For example, he used to put Scott’s head, face up, under his armpit to make him smell his sweat after his workout with weights. Sometimes he was even nastier: he used to push Scott on the ground, then sat on his chest forcing his stinky feet on Scott’s face, laughing his ass off as the weaker boy struggled to free himself from that degrading torture.

Scott’s worst nightmare through the years, though, had been Greg’s infamous “squirrel grip”. Yeah, that big son of a bitch sometimes just grabbed Scott’s balls out of nowhere screaming: “SQUIRREL GRIP!” and then he squeezed his younger stepbrother’s testicles until Scott begged for mercy.

It was painful. And humiliating.

Friday, January 18, 2019

Real life videos #11: funny moments in sports

Sometimes sport can be really, really funny. This episode occurred a couple of months ago, during a Jets vs Patriots match. Between the two teams there's no love lost, but tempers started to flare when a Patriots receiver, Cordarelle Patterson, squeezed the shit out of a Jet player's balls. You can read a funny article about it here. The following is the video of the nutcracker, and I'm not talking about the ballet. :-) That was a very nice grab and, by the way, I LOVE the guys' comments and laughs in the video.

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Beach Fight - part I

In the last month I've been very busy with my job and I couldn't update my blog. Sorry! 
The following is the first part of a story that I wrote for my Patreon's page. It's entitled "Beach Fight".


Me and Jonas had been friends since we where kids and we were both 20 when, two years ago, the tragic events I’m about to tell took place. 

Jonas was a cool guy. Bold and confident, but not in an arrogant way. He had all the reason to be proud of himself. He was a stud, plain and simple. Jonas had dark brown hair, green eyes and a nice, smooth muscular build on his 5’9” frame. He worked hard in the gym to maintain his athletic young body and his efforts were repaid by the attention he constantly got from girls and women. 

I was – and still am – a rather handsome guy, but I have to admit that being Jonas’ friend brought me many benefits in terms of popularity, especially with girls.
Jonas seemed to be the kind of guy destined to be a winner in everything. He was brave, clever and charming. The kind of guy you can call an alpha. Yeah, Jonas’ future could’ve been amazing, if only his path had not crossed that of Rodrigo Mendoza. 

Rodrigo was 22 at the time, and he was the kind of guy you don’t want to mess with. Rodrigo Mendoza was the leader of a gang called “Los Toros” (“The Bulls”); they were delinquents involved in robberies, brawls and other violent crimes.  

When Jonas started to date Rodrigo’s younger sister, Abril, I instantly knew he was getting himself into serious troubles. I tried to persuade him to drop Abril. I mean, Abril was a sexy brunette, hot as hell, but Jonas could have all the girls he wanted. 

Saturday, December 15, 2018

Hotel Ambush

“The bed near the window is mine!” stated Milos as he entered the hotel room with Blake and Zack.

“Ok, I’ll take this one” replied Zack, throwing his backpack on the bed next to the door.

Fuck! - Blake thought. He had to take the bed in the middle of the room. He didn’t like the idea of sleeping between his schoolmates. Actually, he had been dreading having to be in the same room with them, but Mr. Warzow, the old science teacher, had decided that way.

Blake had all the reasons to be concerned. Milos was a big asshole who seized every chance he had to torment his schoolmates. He was a bully, plain and simple. One of those guys who gets a kick from dominating the other boys just to prove that they are the alpha males.

As for Zack, he had a personal score to settle with Blake. He had been dating Blake’s cousin, Diana, for over six months before Blake saw him putting the moves on another girl. Blake told Diana that Zach was cheating on her, and she immediately broke out with Zack.

The blond teen swore revenge to Blake for having snitched on him, and now he had the chance to make Blake pays for what he had done. He alone was not strong enough to overpower Blake in a fight, but with Milos’ complicity he could teach that bastard a lesson.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Real life videos # 11: military edition

Seriously, I think a study should be carried out about soldiers' fertility. I mean, these guys really enjoy hurting each other "down there". It seems to be their favourite passtime. And, by the way, if they treat their comrades' jewels this way, I can't even imagine what they do to their enemies' testicles when they capture them... Well, honestly I can and I do, and maybe I should write a story about that. Yeah, I think I'll do it. For now, enjoy this selection of videos where balls are squeezed, slapped, punched, kicked and much more. :-)

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Teo's Revenge - Part II

Here's the second part of "Teo's Revenge". You can find the first part here

                     Matt                 Teo             Dominic                   

Matt felt a chill running down his spine as the bulge in his briefs was nudged by Teo’s foot, but he managed to keep a defiant look as Teo smiled down at him. The 21 y.o. bully was not really crushing Matt’s sensitive organs. He was rather playing with them, moving the round orbs in his rival’s briefs with the toe of his shoe.

“C’mon Carlson, what the fuck are you doing? I knew you were an asshole, but I didn’t think you were a coward too. Tell your fucking friend to let me go and fight me one on one, or are you afraid to face me in a fair fight?”

Teo was well aware that Matt was trying to provoke him again.

“Well, maybe you’re right...” he said. “What do you think, Dom?”

“Your choice, dude. I can keep this little bastard in this hold all the night, but I’ll let him go if that’s what you want” answered Teo’s friend. 

Monday, December 10, 2018

Gif of the week #3

«Yeah! Squirm as much as you want, bitch! 
I'm going to crush you balls into pulp anyway. Ha ha ha!»

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Real life videos #10: the whistle game (part IV)

If you missed my previous posts about the "whistle game", you can read them here, here and here.  

Now it's time to add a few more videos. Let's start with this one. Two boys team up against their mate. They block him on the ground and ask him to whistle ("Assobia!") as one of them squeezes the poor boy's nuts. The victim is laughing at first, but at the end of the video he doesn't seem to happy anymore. The pain in his balls has probably started to kick in!

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Anecdotes and true stories #2

The following story is 100% true except for the names of those involved.

When I was in high school I had two best friends, David and Sebastian. 

We used to spend most of our spare time together doing all the typical stuff teenagers do: playing videogames, eating junk-food, making pranks to each other and so on. 

Of course, we had lots of friendly brawls and our young family jewels were usually the favourite targets in those crazy fights.   

When me, David and Sebastian were in 12th grade, Sebastian’s cousin, Nate, moved to our town with his family. He was one year younger than us and was a very shy boy. He had no friends, so he started to hang out with us. 

In short time we all became like big brothers to him. We protected him, we helped him in school and included him in everything we did. 

Of course, being younger than us and a newbie in our restricted group of friends, Nate became our favourite “victim” and his boy berries were frequently at our mercy.   
I remember one special summer night when I was at a sleepover at Sebastian’s house. Nate was there too, the only one missing from the group was David, who was on a vacation with his family.    

Me, Seba and Nate were in Seba’s room. We were surfing on the net, watching funny videos and stuff like that. At one point I left them alone and went to the bathroom. I just had to take a piss and didn’t stay away for a long time, but when I was back Seba and Nate were having some kind of wrestling fight on the bed. 

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