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Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Dear Patrons,

the end of the month is getting closer. Please, edit your pledge before March 30th according to how many stories you want to receive . Not a Patron yet? All you have to do is follow these easy steps and sign up to my Patreon Page. Hurry up!

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Tuesday, March 24, 2020

New videos!

Four new videos added to my collection, which now comprehends a total of 69 vids on M/M castration and ball torture taken from movie or TV series!

The password to see these videos will be sent soon to all my patrons. If you don't receive it, just write me at:

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Monday, March 23, 2020

Ball grabs are the best

There are many way to bust a guy's nuts. Kicks and punches can be devastating and are usually great options in a fight. Grabs and squeezes, though, are my favourite form of ballbusting because when you get a guy by his love spuds he's in your hand, literally and figuratively. You can control him and force him to do pretty much everything. That's a great boost of power and dominance. That's why real life videos showing ball grabs are my favourite. 
Here's some funny stuff I found on the web. The password to see this vids is: inhishands 
Let's start then!

In this first video, a boy has his berries grabbed by a big black guy. I love it when a big guy who could easily overpower his opponent use dirty moves nontheless. Another think I love in this video is the clear sound at second 8, when the big guy's hand impacts on his weaker opponent's family jewels. Ouch! That must have hurt!

Friday, March 20, 2020

Busted By Rich Bullies - Part I

This is the first part of a new story entitled "Busted By Rich Bullies". It's a custom story and the Patron who commissioned it wanted to see some arrogant, rich bullies having fun at the expense of a poor waiter. You can read this or other stories in their entirety by signing up to my Patreon page

The Golden Stars Club was a truly prestigious club. All the people who attended it were very high class and chic type. Its tennis courts, gyms and swimming pools were reserved for the sons of important politicians, wealthy industrialists and show business personalities. In a nutshell, the crème de la crème of society. The club members were mostly young people well aware of their status, which is why they were usually arrogant and snooty assholes. If you weren't rich, you couldn't be part of the Golden Stars Club, plain and simple. Well, actually you could, but not as a member. This was the case with Timothy Miller, Tim for his friends, who had been hired at the Club as a waiter for the summer season. The job was well paid, and since Tim came from a poor family it had been a real stroke of luck to be hired at the Club. 

Unfortunately, however, with each passing day it became more and more difficult for him to bear the insults and teasing of the arrogant young members of the Golden Stars Club. Those contemptuous bastards considered themselves demigods and treated Tim like he was their personal slave. Three guys in particular were the most scornful and offensive: Jared Harriman, 17, the son of a well-known politician; Kirk Lamont, 18, the son of a wealthy oil tycoon, and William Dusbin, 18, the son of a famous film producer. They were very popular guys with lots of money and power, and they were also very good looking, the typical girls magnets, which made them even more full of themselves.

Monday, February 24, 2020

Little brothers get their revenge - first part

This is the first part of a custom story entitled "Little brothers get their revenge". If you want to read this or other stories I wrote, click HERE.

A big thanks to all my Patrons for their appreciation and support. 😉


Thomas couldn't believe he was in such a strange and dangerous situation. How could this have happened? He had been trapped by deception by Mason and Mirko, his two younger brothers. Those little devils had concocted a very smart plan to have him at their mercy...

Thomas was a handsome, athletic sixteen years old boy, while Mirko was almost fifteen and Mason almost fourteen. Not a huge difference in age, therefore, but when you're so young, one or two years is a big time frame. In fact, Thomas was quite taller and more muscular than his two younger brothers. In the last year he had grown a lot and the hard work done in the gym had paid off. His father was a fitness fanatic and wanted his children to train constantly. For this purpose he had built a gym in the basement of his house, so that he and the boys could train whenever they wanted. Thomas passed a lot of time in the gym, and his father always talked about him like a model for his other two sons. “Stop playing video games and hit the gym, boys!” he used to say to Mirko and Mason. “You need to work hard like your big brother, if you want to build a strong fit body. I want to raise real men, not a bunch of pipsqueak!”.

Thomas was very proud to be his father’s favourite and sometimes he bragged about it. Besides, like all the big brothers, sometimes he had fun showing Mirko and Mason that he was stronger than them. He provoked little fights with his siblings for the sole purpose of demonstrating his superiority. He never really hurt them, his aim was always the same: immobilize them in a leg scissor or a schoolboy pin and tease them. “You can’t get out of it, little bro, I’ve got you!” he used to say to Mirko and Mason when he had one of them in his hold. It was just a joke to him. Part of him also thought that it was his duty to train Mason and Mirko to fight, so they would be able to defend themselves from bullies. He couldn’t imagine that one day his two brothers would’ve turn into bullies themselves. And that he would’ve been their victim...

Saturday, February 22, 2020

New videos!

Five new videos added to my collection, which now comprehends a total of 65 vids on M/M castration and ball torture taken from movie or TV series!

The password to see these videos will be sent soon to all my patrons. If you don't receive it, just write me at:

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Tuesday, January 28, 2020

New videos

Just added four more videos to my collection, which now consists of 60 vids of movie and TV show scenes featuring M/M castration and ball torture. 

You can find pretty much anything: funny stuff, dramatic stuff and very graphic scenes (which I flagged with a "W" in case you don't like to see too much violence). 

I'm proud to say it's probably the biggest collection of this kind and it's a pleasure to offer it as a gift to my patrons, which I deeply thank for their support. 😉

Saturday, January 25, 2020

A NoFapper gets shamed - Part I

Hey guys, 

finally I had the time to write a new story. As usual, here's the first part. If you want to read the rest, check out this link. Of course, the old stories are still available. Take a look at my story page

Many thanks to all my Patrons for their kind support. ;-)

My name is Miles and I’m 20 years old. The story I’m about to tell you, though, took place three years ago, when I just turned 17. The other guys in this story were 17 too at the time. I’m talking about Chris and Adam, my best friends, and Ethan, a new boy who moved to my town and became a schoolmate of mine. Me, Adam and Chris were the most popular boys in the school and Ethan became very popular too very soon, so he started to get along with us. He was a nice guy, a great swimmer and very good looking. Any girl would’ve killed to be his girlfriend, but he never bragged about it. Anyway, apparently he was too busy keeping his good grades and winning swimming competitions to have a relationship with a girl. There was nothing unusual in this: when you’re seventeen a stable sentimental relationship is usually far from your desires. At that age you just want to fuck as many girls you can, or at least you try to get some handjobs or blowjobs. That was my case, as much as Chris and Adam’s, and we all thought that it was the same for Ethan. We were wrong...

Saturday, December 28, 2019

New videos added to my video collection

Five more videos added to my video collection! They are taken from movies where guys are subjected to electro-torture and are very realistic. I'm still surprised that this kind of scenes, where actors are totally naked and have their genitals explicitly tortured, could be included in non-porn movies. We're talking about Argentinian or Brazilian movies, anyway, and I think that this kind of scenes would be probably censured in American or European movies. 

You can find the links to the videos here: they're n. 52-53-54-55-56.
As usual, the password for the videos will be sent to my Patrons at the very beguinning of the next month... that is in a few days!


Thursday, December 19, 2019

Who's your daddy?

This is the first part of a custom story requested by one of my Patrons. If you like the stepfather/stepson scenario, then you're going to love it! 😏

If you want to read this or other stories, take a look at this post


Colin was very proud of himself. He had a satisfied face as he looked at his image reflected in the mirror. He had only his red jockstraps on and his body was in full display. He had worked hard at the gym in the last ten months and the results were great. At 17 years of age he was 5' 9'' tall with a nice athletic body and very handsome features. He had short raven black hair and dark brown eyes, and his bright white smile stood out on his lightly tanned skin. No one could be surprised if he was a girl-magnet, and he loved the attention he constantly got from his female schoolmates. Being a healthy male teenager, he had hormones raging through his body and sex was always in his thoughts. Now that he was a young jock, he never missed some female company and life was beautiful. Well, it would have been if it wasn’t for Bobby Thurton, his damn stepdad. Colin hated him. That son of a bitch had married his mother five years before. She was a successful business woman, always travelling around the world, which meant that Colin had to spend lot of time alone with Bobby. And it was not a good quality time...