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Saturday, December 28, 2019

New videos added to my video collection

Five more videos added to my video collection! They are taken from movies where guys are subjected to electro-torture and are very realistic. I'm still surprised that this kind of scenes, where actors are totally naked and have their genitals explicitly tortured, could be included in non-porn movies. We're talking about Argentinian or Brazilian movies, anyway, and I think that this kind of scenes would be probably censured in American or European movies. 

You can find the links to the videos here: they're n. 52-53-54-55-56.
As usual, the password for the videos will be sent to my Patrons at the very beguinning of the next month... that is in a few days!


Thursday, December 19, 2019

Who's your daddy?

This is the first part of a custom story requested by one of my Patrons. If you like the stepfather/stepson scenario, then you're going to love it! 😏

If you want to read this or other stories, take a look at this post


Colin was very proud of himself. He had a satisfied face as he looked at his image reflected in the mirror. He had only his red jockstraps on and his body was in full display. He had worked hard at the gym in the last ten months and the results were great. At 17 years of age he was 5' 9'' tall with a nice athletic body and very handsome features. He had short raven black hair and dark brown eyes, and his bright white smile stood out on his lightly tanned skin. No one could be surprised if he was a girl-magnet, and he loved the attention he constantly got from his female schoolmates. Being a healthy male teenager, he had hormones raging through his body and sex was always in his thoughts. Now that he was a young jock, he never missed some female company and life was beautiful. Well, it would have been if it wasn’t for Bobby Thurton, his damn stepdad. Colin hated him. That son of a bitch had married his mother five years before. She was a successful business woman, always travelling around the world, which meant that Colin had to spend lot of time alone with Bobby. And it was not a good quality time...

Friday, December 13, 2019

Some gratifying feedbacks

A big thank to all my Patrons! 😉💪

I am surprised myself, but my favorite story was "A Brother's Wrath" in its castration version. Usually I don't like castration stories very much, but the way you wrote that... I liked the role of "the good" (Mitch) who hesitates to castrate Lane, and "the bad guy" (Jake) who absolutely wants to ends Lane's manhood as soon as possible and tries to convince Mitch to castrate him. This part of the story excited me a lot and made me shoot a load.

"Hahaha! Done! CASTRATED! Hahaha!” he mocked his victim. Mitch laughed too and patted Lane on his shoulder. “Sorry, dude, they’re gone. You’re not a man anymore.” 
“NOOOOOO!” yelled Lane in agony and disbelief". I almost came twice in a row after reading that part, Alex! Thank you for an amazing story!

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

My last story, "A Brother's Wrath", will be available in two different versions. If you like stories where the mean guys destroy their victim's balls, then make sure to ask for the "castration version". 😉

If you're not my Patron yet, this is the moment to sign up to my page and get your favourite stories: the "pay 2 get 3" special offer will end this month!

You want to request a custom story for december? Please, contact me before november 29th (  


Monday, November 25, 2019

Self defense and ballbusting

Ok, we all know it: balls are every male's weak point. That's why they're constantly attacked in a fight. Yeah, everyone goes for the twins! But are you sure to know how to do it properly? Here's some videos where we are taught how to really hurt our opponent "down there".

Let's start with this one. The instructor explains how to properly kick a guy between the legs and gets maximum advantage from this move.

Sunday, November 24, 2019

New videos

Hi everyone,

I just added a bunch of new videos to my "special collection"

A big thank to Etienne for sending me some rare castration movie scenes. 😉👍

My video collection is freely available to my Patrons, who I sincerely thank for their kind support. 

Thursday, November 21, 2019

A Brother's Wrath (custom story) - First part

This is the first part of a custom story requested by one of my Patrons. If you want to read this or other stories, please sign up to my Patreon Page before November 29th following this quick steps! Here's the list of the available stories


Lane opened his eyes. His felt dizzy and he couldn’t move. His arms and legs seemed to be blocked by something. What the hell had happened to him? He felt strange, his mind was confused, but he tried to remember. Earlier that night he had had an argument with his girlfriend, Chrissie. Yes, he clearly remember this. And then... well, then he had left her house in a fury. Damn, that bitch was so jealous! 

Actually, she had some good reasons to be, since Lane was considered one of the hottest jock in his college. Dark hair, hazel eyes, a captivating smile on a gorgeous masculine face. And the perfect body of a 19 years old lacrosse player. Yeah, he was definitely a girl magnet. Still, he had never cheated on his girlfriend and he hated when she accused him of fucking every girls he meets. Anyway, Chrissie’s jealousy was not his main problem at the moment. 

Monday, October 28, 2019


Hi guys,
one of my readers has received a message reporting a supposed subscription request to my blog. This has nothing to do with me or my blog and it's probably a phishing email, so don't click the link as asked.



Sunday, October 27, 2019

New videos!

Hi everyone!

I added some new videos to my castration / balls torture scenes collection. They're all M/M scenes (no F/M) from movies or TV series. The ones containing graphic elements are indicated with the letter W (for "warning"): don't watch them if you're a little squeamish. 

The  passwords to see my video collection will be sent via e-mail to my Patrons as a gift for their kind support.


Saturday, October 26, 2019

November is coming!

Hi guys!

You have a few days left to sign up to my Patreon page and: 

- get your favourite stories at the very beginning of November                                             
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- order a custom story for the same month. 

As usual, my Patrons will receive the passwords to see my movie scene video collection. I'm going to add some new videos very soon... ;-)

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