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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

A hard prank - Part I

A fictional story.
"Fuck you guys, let me go!". Javier's screams echoed in Gary's bedroom. He was twisting and turning, but couldn't get free. His ankles were tied to the legs of Gary's bed and his hands were fastened to an heavy weight bench which Gary used for his home workout.
Gary, Mike and Steven laughed at their friend's impotence. They had worked like a perfect team to immobilize him. Mike and Steven had kept Javier still, while Gary had stripped him of his clothes and tied him in a very effective way. Now they admired their handiwork: an enraged Javier wearing only a pair of boxer briefs lying on the ground in a spread-eagle position.
The four boys were good friends, but like all male teenagers they used to horse around and make pranks. When that happened, Mike, Steven and Gary often teamed up against Javier, who usually ended up being the victim of their pranks. In the early days of their friendship Javier had often thought that his schoolmates ganged up on him because he was the only mexican boy in the group, but that was not the case. The fact was that Mike, Steven and Gary had known each other since kindergarten, while Javier had joined the group only the previous year. They got along well, but when it was time for a little prank the three guys who had grown up together istinctively teamed up against Javier. Racism had nothing to do with it and, by the way, they had never hurt him or did anything particulary nasty to him. On that hot summer afternoon in Gary's bedroom, though, they had gone a little too far and Javier was infuriated.
"C'mon guys, let me go!" he asked again in a more pleading way.
"No way, Javier. We've just begun!" Gary replied with a strange smile. Then he showed his captive friend a little blue pill.
"It's Viagra, Javier. I grinded one of these in dust before you arrived, and put it in the Coke you drank about... twenty minutes ago" he revealed looking at his watch. Mike and Steven giggled. They were clearly aware of Gary's plan.
"In a few minutes that little pill is going to give you the boner of your life! And the best part is that you won't be able to hide it!"
"And you know what, Javier?" Steven jumped in with an amused grin on his face. "We are going to shoot a video and post it on Youtube. It will be the best Viagra Prank ever!"
"What? Are you crazy? C'mon guys, it's not funny. Let me go!"
"Oh yes, Javier, it is funny. Very funny. At least for us." smiled Mike.
"FUUUCK, I said let me go!" screamed Javier. He was starting to feel really awkward. He continued to curse at his friends in the hope of being set free. He pulled against the ropes, but his efforts were useless.
Gary just laughed, then took out some duct-tape from a drawer and with the help of his friends he taped Javier's mouth shut. "Sorry dude, we can't let you scream like a maniac."
Javier yelled insults and obscenities, but his words were muffled by the tape and sounded like an incomprehensible groan which made Gary, Mike and Steven laugh even more.
"Okay, now what?" asked Mike when they stopped chuckling.
"We'll wait." answered Gary, "He's going to get a boner soon, and when he does we'll start to shoot the scene".
"Maybe we can speed things up" sniggered Steven. He approached Javier and crouched beside him, while Gary and Mike looked at him with a puzzled look on their face. Steven smiled and winked at them, then he reached out with his hand between Javier's legs. When he felt the bulge in his boxer briefs being touched by the tips of Steven's fingers, Javier began to shudder like a man being electrocuted. He cried out in protest and jerked his head up, but despite his efforts he could not free his arms or his legs, so Steven kept on tickling his friend's nuts undisturbed with a taunting sneer on his face. Gary and Mike started laughing their ass off.
Javier hated the feeling of his most private parts being tickled in that mocking way, but soon he realized with shame that Steven was getting what he wanted. His nerves were reacting to the unwanted attention and the pill was probably starting to take effect. As a result, he felt his member getting harder and, worst of all, he knew there was not a damn thing he could do to avoid it.
"Shiiit, look at that!" Mike screamed after a few seconds pointing his fingers to Javier's crotch. He was literally crying from laughing and so was Gary, who was doubled over on the ground gasping for air. Steven stopped stimulating Javier's balls and he too started to laugh uncontrollably. Javier wanted to curl up and die. Gary, Mike and Steven were his friends, they had seen each other naked in the locker room, but that was totally different. He felt terribly embarrassed and he started to fight like a madman against the ropes when Gary finally stopped laughing and said: "Okay guys, he's ready. Let's start to shoot!"