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Sunday, October 7, 2018

Domination in movies #4

Did you know? Telenovelas are goldmines of ballbusting scenes. Punches, kicks, grabs and even castration: on these shows you can see any kind of ball abuse. Take this one for instance. It's a brazilian telenovela called "Pecado Mortal" ("Mortal Sin"). The plot is complex, but we don't give a shit abot the plot, right? The only thing worth knowing is that the villain character, Picasso, is a corrupt policeman who often abuses his authority to falsely imprison another guy, Marco Antônio. It's clear there's no love lost between the two men. In fact, every time Marco Antônio is imprisoned Picasso inflicts some painful punishment to his rival's manhood. Let's see it in details.

Here we can see Picasso stomping on M.A.'s balls.  

It's just the beginning. A few minutes later Picasso is back to work on his captive's nuts. This time he opts for a long painful squeeze.

Another episode. That's a pretty funny scene, actually. Picasso threatens M.A. with a fake grab attempt and laughs at M.A.'s scared face. 

No more jokes from the corrupt policeman in this other episode. In fact, he seems really pissed off. First he gives M.A.'s jewels another long excruciating squeeze until poor M.A. faints from the pain:

Then he wakes him up with a bucket of water just to inform him that he intends to castrate him. And that's not a joke! He's about to do the deed, but a woman (M.A.' lover, I think) enters the room and, pointing a gun at Picasso, orders him to let M.A. alone. Picasso tries nontheless to castrate M.A., but the woman fires a warning shot and he gives up.

But it's not over yet. Another episode. This time Picasso incarcerates M.A. along with M.A.'s brother. First he literally "gaspedals" M.A.'s balls. You can see that he really enjoys doing it.

Then he electrocutes M.A.'s brother's balls, just to end up all the family lines. 

Not bad for just one show, don't you think? :)


  1. Hi.
    I loved ballbusting on guys feet sneakers

  2. These videos are really exciting. M.A. is hot and when he is tortured his face is expressive. I think Picasso is in love with his balls.