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Monday, October 1, 2018

In their hands - Part I

Two cocky teens have fun at the expense of another guy.
Note: this his a fictional story with fictional characters. 

Mark was sitting on the couch with his socked feet on top of the coffee table, arrogant and cocky as usual. Resting your feet on the table in someone else's house is rude and disrespectful, at least to me, but we were at Danny's house, so who was I to say something about it? Danny, by the way, was too busy arguing with Richard to complain for Mark's lack of good manners.
"C'mon Richard, you dropped the coke can! Now you've got to clean the floor."
"Oh shut the fuck up, Danny! It's just a few drops, I had already drank most of it."
"I don't care, you've got to clean it anyway. I mean, look at this place. It's a total mess. My parents are going to kill me when they'll be back tomorrow."
Mark watched the two guys arguing with a grin on his face. He was clearly amused by Danny's complaints. Typical of him.

I had started to hang out with Mark and Richard a couple of months before, when I had moved to Austin with my parents. We attended the same school and getting good with them helped me a lot to socialize with the other students. They were very popular: most of the boys wanted to be their friends and a good number of girls had a crush on them. It wasn't difficult to realize why. They were both good looking, with athletic bodies. Richard was a basket player with a bodybuilder physique. Mark was not as muscular as Richard, but he didn't mind to spend some time working with weights, so he was quite built too. Plus, they both had that cocky attitude that most of girls like. They were funny too, always making pranks and jokes. However, sometimes they went too far with their pranks and jokes, and when that happened they essentially turned into bullies.
Danny attended my school too and was a really nice guy. He was a promising soccer player, but he never showed off and acted kindly with everyone. He was a chick-magnet too, but unlike Richard and Mark, who were only interested in fucking as much pussies as possible, he was faithful to his girlfriend Pam and never cheated her despite the fact that sex was out of the question in their relationship. She came from a bigoted family and, as much as I know, she wanted to stay "pure" until marriage. Danny was 17 at the time, just like me, Mark and Richard. A young healthy male with horny girls buzzing around him all the time. Man, how could he resist all those temptations? Mark and Richard, of course, never lost a chance to mock him for this. They called him "chastity boy" and "wanker". They joked all the time about Danny jerking himself off, since he couldn't have sex. "C'mon, just cheat on her!" they always encouraged him. "You can't live without pussy until marriage. Are you crazy, man? It's unnatural". They also used to tell him about how good sex was, describing with a lot of details how fucking amazing was the feeling of a wet pussy around the cock, and so on. "Does she suck you off at least?" they asked him all the time. Danny's answer was always the same: "Shut up, that's none of your business". But of course, that didn't stop them from tounting him.
So, basically, Danny was not too fond of Mark and Richard. He costantly tried to avoid them, but Mark and Richard were not the kind of guys who accept to be put aside.
That morning they had heard Danny say that his parents would have been out for the weekend, and Mark had immediately proposed to spend the night at Danny's house. Danny was not too enthusiastic on the idea, but Richard and Mark insisted and finally he had given up. Only later I realized why Danny had been so reluctant to let them sleepover. He clearly knew them better than I did! The place was clean and tidy when we had arrived, but now it was full of rubbish: empty drink cans, crisp packets, pizza boxes. Crumbs and stains of tomato sauce were all over the floor. Mark and Richard, of course, were responsible for that mess and when Richard had dropped that can of coke, Danny had finally lost his temper.
"I'm not kidding, Richard. You've got to clean the floor. Not just for the coke: look at this mess! Mark, stop laughing: you should help him. And put your fucking feet off the table!"
"Oh shut the fuck up." Mark replied, without moving of an inch his socked feet.
"Hey Danny, where's Pam? You should invite her to spend the night here." asked Richard.
"Leave my girlfriend out of this. Don't even say her name!" Danny's voice trembled with rage.
Richard chuckled. "Don't get mad, Danny-boy. You talked about my coke can. Well, I wouldn't mind to let Pam play with my "coke can"" he said grabbing his groin, a smirk on his face.
Mark roared with laughter.
That was too much for Danny.
"Son of a bitch" he screamed and suddenly he launched himself against Richard, pushing him against the wall. Danny was ballistic, but Richard didn't seem scared at all and kept laughing along with Mark.
"Take it back, you bastard! You can't talk that way about Pam!" shouted Danny.
Richard didn't seem scared at all by Danny's wrath. He just kept grinning.
"Why not, chastity-boy? It's just what I think. Pam's quite hot and I wouldn't mind at all to give her the fuck of her life. I mean, I'm sure she would forget all that no-sex-before-marriage bullshit if she could spent a few minutes alone with me and touch my special tool." he said cockily as he grabbed his groin once again. "She just need a little coaxing. Isn't it right, Mark?".
Mark - his feet still on the coffee table - made a big smile and said: "You can bet on that, bro. I spent ten minutes alone with her a couple of days ago and she gave me an amazing blowjob. I mean, she was craving for it, man. She's a natural." As he said those words, Mark made an up and down motion with his pelvis and at the same time he mimicked the act of pushing someone's head towards his groin with his hand.
It was just a lie, and we all knew it, but that was enough to distract Danny who was still pushing Richard against the wall. He turned his angry face towards Mark and was about to yell something when suddenly I saw him bend and crouch on his heels, his hands between his legs. He was silent at first, but after a couple of seconds he made and "ohwwww" sound and than he whispered something like "Fuck! You piece of shit!".
Richard erupted in a big laugh. I didn't see what had just happened, but it was clear that he had hit Danny in the balls, probably with his knee. Mark, on the couch, started to laugh too.
"Holy shit man!" he said to Richard "You got him good!".
Danny seemed really in pain. He was wearing a pair of gray sweatpants, who didn't offer a lot of protection to that sensitive part of his body. In a few seconds, though, he got up and launched himself against Richard. A fight began. Danny tried to punch Richard, but Richard was a smart fighter and he was taller and stronger than Danny, so he could easily handle him and block all of his moves. During the brawl, though, at one point Danny lightly hit Richard's groin. I don't think he did it on purpose and it was just a weak tap. Richard, besides, was wearing a pair of jeans, which gave his sensitive spot more protection than Danny's light sweatpants. In few words, it was unintentional and didn't hurt Richard at all. Nevertheless this inflamed Richard, who decided to counter attack. He surprised Danny pushing himself against him, causing them both to fall flat on the floor. Richard ended up on top and pinned Danny down laying his side across Danny's chest. Then he hooked his right leg between Danny's legs, so that Danny could not close his thighs. Danny's right arm was pinned under Richard's body, while the wrist of his left arm was immediately seized by Richard. It was over for him. No matter how much he wriggled and trashed to get free. Richard was pinning him down, and Danny's arms were both blocked. Richard, on the contrary, had his right arm free. He looked at the cotton-covered bulge in Danny's sweatpants, then he winked at Mark. Danny realized he was in peril and panicked. He tried to close his thighs, but Richard's leg prevented him to do it. "You're screwed, Danny-boy" Richard said smirking at Danny's helplessness. Then he reached out with his open hand...


  1. Awesome! When you re gonna post part 2?

    1. Thank you! Part II will be posted very soon... :)