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Thursday, October 4, 2018

In their hands - Part II

You can find Part I here
This is a fictional story.


A second later, Danny's most precious possessions were engulfed in Richard's big hand. Like eagle's claws wrapped around a prey, Richard's fingers suddenly clutched on Danny's bulge and started to squeeze the unprotected sensitive gonads.
"AAAAAWWWH FUCK!" screamed Danny. "Let go, you bastard! Let go of my balls!".
Richard eased the pressure, but maintained his grip. He was grinning from ear to ear.

All the time this was happening, I watched in silence. I was sorry for Danny. Since the fight had begun I wished he could have the upper hand and teach that asshole Richard a lesson, but obviously things were not going in that direction. Mark on the other side was laughing hysterically. He clearly enjoyed watching Danny being overwhelmed by his friend and was openly cheering Richard on. "Go for it, Richard!" "AHAHAH! You got him good!" "Fuck, Danny, he's got you by the balls! AHAHAH". "C'mon Richard, make him squeal!". Then, being the bastard he was, he felt the need to be more involved in Danny's plight, so he left the couch and knelt next to the struggling boy, still pinned down by Richard. This encouraged me to get closer to have a better view.
Mark gave a mocking light slap to Danny's face.
"How does it feel Danny-boy? Your virgin balls hurt?" Mark asked in a childish tone.
Richard laughed. His left hand was clutched around Danny's wrist, keeping his left arm on the ground. Danny's right arm was blocked by Richard's body, so Richard could use his right hand to "work" on Danny's manhood. Now that I was closer, I could see that Richard was squeezing and relaxing his hand rhythmically. Every time his bulge was compressed, Danny grimaced with discomfort. He was not screaming or moaning though, because Richard wasn't squeezing too much. It was clear that he wanted to have fun with Danny more than hurt him. His mischievous grin almost seemed to say "Hey Danny, I've got you where it counts the most. What you're gonna do about it?".
Danny, for his part, was struggling like crazy now. Even though he was not in too much pain, I think the humiliation of having his balls grabbed by Richard was making him mad. He tried to push Richard off of him, but he couldn't. He tried to free his left arm, but his wrist was kept in a stiff grip.
Suddenly Mark went back to the table to grab his phone. With a shit-eating grin on his face he approached Danny and Richard and started to film the scene.
"Ooooukay, guys. Here we are with Richard and Danny. They had a fight a few minutes ago, and this is how it ended." he said half laughing. He acted like he was giving a running commentary for an invisible audience and as he did it I realized that he intended to show the video to his friends later.
"So, Danny, in a scale from one to ten, how would you describe the pain you're in right now?"
Mark zoomed on the bulge between Danny's legs, still grabbed and handled by Richard, then on Danny's face. Danny, his teeth gritted, hissed something like "fuck you" and "bastard!". He tried to look defiant, but the humiliation on his face was evident.
"Well, our friend Danny is not in a talkative mood. How can you blame him? He could end up castrated from one moment to the next. It all depends on Richard. Richard, can you say something about it? Are you letting poor Danny keep his baby-makers or are you going to end his sexual life?".
"What sexual life you are talking about?" replied Richard, and they both laughed at the joke.
"Right, let's change the question. Are you going to make sure poor Danny will remain a virgin for the rest of his life?"
"Don't know, man. I haven't decided yet" grinned Richard. I looked at his hand and realized that he was now fondling Danny's captive balls, digging his fingers in the round shaped bulge like he was trying to roll each of Danny's stones individually. Once again, the soft tissue of Danny's gray sweatpants couldn't do too much to protect the precious organs it was covering.
Danny was sill fighting and shouting insults at Richard and Mark, but was clearly mortified. During his futile struggle, at one point his eyes met mine but he immediately turned his face away. Damn, he was so embarrassed! He was really hating every second of his predicament. He was hating Richard's hand toying with the symbol of his male pride. He was hating Mark filming the whole scene and mocking him. And he was hating the fact that I was there, watching him being humiliated in that way.
Richard played with Danny's manhood for another couple of minutes, then, finally, he let go of Denny's balls. Mark didn't seem to happy about it though. "Wait!" he said to Richard before he could get off of Danny. "Keep him on the ground". Then he spoke to me. "Dylan, take my phone. Keep filming". I did it. Maybe I should have not, maybe I should have said it was enough and convince them to let Danny alone. But I didn't. Richard and Mark were popular guys and I was lucky to get along with them. I didn’t want to ruin our relationship refusing to do what Mark had asked me. So I just took his phone and kept on filming while he crouched down beside Danny, who was still pinned by Richard's huge body.
"Hey guys" said Mark looking at the phone "now it's my turn to rack some nuts! Ahahaha!". Still looking at the phone, he opened his hand and than clutched his fingers: a clear gesture to show what he was going to do. He winked at Danny, his big shit-eating grin once again on his face. Danny started again to struggle, trying desperately to break free, but Richard was too strong and heavy and Danny could not push him off. "Let me go, pieces of shit! Two against one? Cowards!" he protested. Mark couldn't have cared less. He just kept on grinning like a child in a candy store as he slowly lowered his hand towards the soft lump between Danny's legs...

Part III