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Saturday, October 6, 2018

In their hands - Part III

Last part of this fictional story. Any comments will be greatly appreciated. :)

Danny trashed wildly as he saw Mark's hand approaching his groin, but he was still pinned and couldn't close his thighs with Richard's leg still between his own legs. There was nothing he could do to stop Mark, who took his damn sweet time lowering his hand. He was obviously enjoying watching Danny fight to stop the inevitable. Finally he reached his target. "No..." whispered a desperate Danny when he felt the bully touch the most private parts of his body.
Mark and Richard laughed at the genuine display of impotence escaped from Danny's lips. I zoomed on Danny's crotch: Mark had him in the palm of his hand. Literally. He had a big gloating smile on his face, like a kid who's just won a treasure hunt. His fingers curled around the gray cotton covered bulge between Danny's legs. "Got'em!" he announced triumphantly. Then he looked Danny in the eyes and started to speak in a mocking tone.
"You've been really rude tonight, Danny boy. That's not the way to treat guests. Right, Richard?".
"Fuck yes! He's been complaining all the time and did nothing to make us feel comfortable."
"Yeah, I agree." said Mark. Meanwhile he had started to move his fingers, fondling Danny's testicles through the light sweatpants. "I think our friend owes us an apology."
"I think so, too" Richard said with a mischievous smile.
Sons of bitches! Danny had been more than tolerant with them. They were just trying to find a pretext to farther humiliate him.
"Ok Danny, are you ready to say that you're reeeeally reeeeeally sorry you've been such a pain in the ass?"
"Fuck you, assholes! Just let me go!" was Danny's answer. Mark's grin clearly showed that he was hoping for such a reply. I expected to hear Danny scream, but for a few seconds nothing happened. I zoomed on Mark's hand and realized that he was clutching his fingers, but very slowly.
"You're still in time to apologize, Danny. In a few seconds you're going to have a very painful set of bollocks."
Richard smiled and patted Danny on the cheek. "C'mon Danny-boy, say you're sorry. Or soon I'll have to start calling you Danny-girl. AH AH AH!"
Danny maintained a stern look for a few seconds, but suddenly his face twisted in a grimace of pain. He shot his eyes close with force and clenched his jaw. I zoomed on Mark's hand. His fingers were clearly squeezing tighter now, compressing the bulge in Danny's sweatpants. Then his thumb and index finger seized what I imagine was Danny's left testicle and started to roll it roughly. That seemed to be particularly painful for Danny, who could not keep himself from moaning. Mark and Richard just laughed as Mark kept on working on Danny's captive gonad with a sadistic grin eliciting a scream of pure agony from Danny. I was a bit worried now. Mark was clearly enjoying hurting Danny in his weak spot, but was he ruthless to the point of causing permanent damage to Denny's gonads?
I was just about to tell something when Danny shouted: "OKAY, OKAY... STOP!".
Mark grinned triumphantly at the camera and raised a thumb up. He eased the pressure on Danny's balls, but kept them in his hand. It was like a cat holding a bird in his mouth. Not biting, but ready to kill from a moment to the next.
"All right Danny-boy, we're listening." said Mark, a wide bossy smile on his face.
Danny was sweating profusely. He had been fighting like a madman to get free, and now his face was glistening with sweat. Poor boy, he was a mess!
"Please, let me go" he said.
"No no no." Mark's voice was cold and harsh. "We want an apology Danny. If not..." He didn't finish the sentence, but gave a sudden sharp squeeze at Danny's nuts.
"Okay okay..." Danny pleaded, overwhelmed by the pain. "Please, guys, I'm sorry."
"Sorry for what?" asked Mark
Danny swallowed hard. He seemed to be on the verge of crying.
"I'm sorry I've been a pain in the ass." he finally said.
Richard and Mark giggled with satisfaction, but than Mark spoke again.
"That's not enough, Danny-boy." The bastard wasn’t going to let it go quite that easily.
"Fuck, what else?! Just, let me go." Danny was exhausted. His face was a mask of defeat.
Mark remained silent for a few seconds, then a devilish grin appeared on his face.
"Say you're glad I let your girlfriend suck my dick".
As he heard Mark's request, Richard burst out a mocking laughter. Danny said nothing. I deeply sympathized with him now. Mark was acting like the worst bully ever. An arrogant son of a bitch. A nasty bastard who had just taken advantage from Danny's vulnerable position. Richard at least had fought against Danny. He had pinned him on the ground. Mark indeed didn't even break a sweat to own Danny the way he was doing. He had just crouched down and grabbed the restrained boy's balls when he could not defend himself. He had took Danny's male pride in his hand. Just because he could. It was mean and unfair. Nevertheless he was there, in control. Smiling and relishing his power, while Danny was panting and pleading.
"Say it! Say you're glad I let your girlfriend suck me!" Mark ordered again. His fingers started to move again fondling Danny's sensitive balls. His fist opened and closed, clenching tighter every time, pressing one orb painfully against the other. He was resolute to crush Danny's pride by threatening to crush his manhood.
Danny fiercelly tried to resist but eventually gave up with a scream when the pain became too much to bear.
"Fuuuck! Okay okay! I'm... I'm glad you let my... girlfriend... suck you. Please, let me go now." he almost sobbed.
Richard and Mark laughed hysterically, than Mark once again raised a thumb looking at the camera phone. He winked at me and told me I could stop filming. He let go of Danny's balls and gave them a light tap, just because he could, then raised to his feet. Richard got up too, and both of them grinned and stared down at Danny, who was still on the ground. He had assumed a fetal position, with both hands between his legs.
Mark went to the couch and sat down to put his sneakers on.
"Let's go Richard." he said.
"What? Aren't you sleeping here?" I asked.
"Naaah. We'll let Danny alone. He's got work to do. This place is a mess!" he said stomping on some crisps as he raised from the couch.
"You're coming with us, right?"
I didn't know what to do. I felt sorry for Danny. Richard and Mark had bullied him, and I hadn't done anything to stop them. On the contrary, I had filmed the scene.
"C'mon Dylan, we are going to the 'Alpha Wolf'. We'll drink something and chase some chicks. Maybe Cindy is there. It could be your lucky night to get in her panties" said Richard winking at me.
The 'Alpha Wolf' was a pub where we usually go to have some fun and Cindy was a girl from school I had a crush on. I looked down at Danny, still silent on the ground, then at Mark and Richard, cocky and grinning. It was not just a decision about the way to spend the rest of the night. I had to chose between a couple of mischievous bullies and a good boy who had desperately tried to defend himself and the honor of his girlfriend. And I chose the bullies. I don't know why. Maybe I was afraid to lose their friendship. Maybe I just wanted to hang around with them to feel stronger and more confident.
"I'm coming with you, let's go", I said to Mark and Richard. They grinned. Mark put his arm on my shoulders and we left the room leaving Danny alone without even say goodbye.

Two days later, when I arrived ad school I saw Mark and Richard laughing and joking with a group of four other guys. Mark was showing them something on his phone, and I knew for sure what it was.
"Hey Dylan! Come here." he said as he saw me. I joined the group of boys and among them I recognized Nick, one of Danny's soccer teammates.
"I was showing the guys how we put Danny boy in his place."
All of them laughed, including Nick. "Fuck, I can't wait to show the video to the guys!" he exclaimed enthusiastically. He was talking about the other teammates and I instantly realized that Danny's reputation was screwed.
"Speaking of whom, look who's coming!" suddenly chuckled Richard as Danny entered the school hallway.
"Hey Danny!" shouted Nick waving his hand with a mocking grin on his face.
Danny turned to us. He was clearly embarrassed when he saw Mark and Richard grinning along with Nick and the others. Mark said nothing else. He just looked at Danny with a smile, than opened his hand and slowly clutched his fingers pantomiming racking Danny's balls. Everyone started to laugh, and honestly I did it too. Danny's face became beetroot red with shame. He knew Mark had showed the video to the other guys. And sure as hell he knew Nick was planning on doing the same with their teammates. He lowered his eyes and turned away without saying a single word. Mark shook his head and let out another big laugh as the other guys, me included, high-fived him and patted him on his back.


  1. Fucking awesome story counts as a comment?

  2. Great! Keep it up dude, I love stuff like this!

    1. Hey Lenny, thanks for letting me know you appreciated my story. I added the link to your blog in the link section. :)

  3. That was just absolutely amazing! But don’t stop now! You ought to give Danny an opportunity to have his revenge! Let him crush his fucking bullies’ balls! Let him turn their bloody nuts into a peanut butter!

    1. Thank you! About Danny's revenge... who knows? It could happen. I'll think about it. ;-)

  4. Hot story! Now Danny's soccer teammates want to get in on the action? Poor guy lol. Next story they should make him get a boner for maximum domination!

    1. Poor Danny, hasn't he suffered enough? :-D
      Anyway, the story I'm planning to write will probably fit you taste (see my last post).

  5. The ballbusting scenes are described very well, focused on the details of the characters' actions and their feelings. A particular that I love to read in stories like that. The only thing I dislike is the situation: I hate moments in which a person is bullied, especially when the victim is alone and he is overwhelmed by many assholes.I think I would have appreciate more the excellent description of the torture of his balls in an other contest. I hope he'll have the possibility to take revenge, especially on Dylan who is worst, according to me.

    1. Hey, thank you for comment, I really appreciate it. I understand your point about bullyism, but I want my stories to be realistic and we all know that in real life such things happen in a context of bullying. By the way, I totally agree with you about Dylan and he probably needs to be taught a lesson. ;-)

  6. You wrote this story very well.

  7. It would be great if you could write a revenge story for Danny. Mark and especially Richard deserve to get their nuts trashed. Richard seems to think he's a tough guy...i wonder howmany kicks his teenage balls can handle haha

  8. Thanks for your comment. By the way, no matter how tough you are if you're kicked in the nuts. :D

  9. Too many ideas f/1 "part": Since Mark bragged Pam sucked him, Pam should see Mark forced to suck dick. M & Richard have tug-of-war w/their nuts, maybe to avoid having their assholes torn by some machine pushing (WIDE) butt-plugs into them. Danny isn't off the hook, though: soccer team takes free shots at his balls.
    -- Anon. in Colo.